Full Moon: From dismembered to re-membered

I don’t know about you, but the end of 2016 left me feeling dismembered and broken. The full moon tonight gives us a chance to re-member ourselves.
A couple of thoughts:
*The full moon is the time when the moon is completely illuminated as seen from Earth.
*This is a time when our psyches, our innermost selves, are fully illuminated
*The full moon occurs when the earth is located directly between the sun and moon – so we are between our inner and outer selves.
*It is the perfect time to bring all of the parts of ourselves together, in the light. A time to accept our whole beings. A time to make ourselves whole, holy.
I can’t help but think of the Mesoamerican Goddess Coyolxauqui, who was dismembered by her brother (the patriarchy) and became the moon. As I re-member myself, may we all be happy, healthy and whole.